How to Withdraw Lifetime Earnings in Shopback

Are you wondering how legit ShopBack is, and looking for a way how to withdraw lifetime earnings in ShopBack?

If yes, then in this article I will share with you the simplest way on how to withdraw lifetime earnings in ShopBack.

What is ShopBack?

ShopBack is a buy and gets reward system that lets its shoppers get cash rewards after purchasing from the platform in the form of vouchers, coupons, and cash rebates.

Partnering with different e-commerce platforms and various brands, ShopBack is available throughout the Asia Pacific including the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Australia.

If you are new to ShopBack, the following guides below can help you to start withdrawing earnings from ShopBack.

Can I withdraw my lifetime earnings in ShopBack?

Withdrawing your lifetime earnings in ShopBack is possible by transferring it to your bank account, Paypal account, or Gcash account.

But we need to understand that Lifetime Earnings in ShopBack refers to your total accumulated ShopBack earnings.

This includes all your pending, confirmed and withdrawn earnings.

If you want to transfer your earnings to your bank, just enter the information of your bank account, request for withdrawal, and wait for a maximum of 5 working days for your withdrawal request to be processed.

If you are transferring on a Gcash account, just enter the mobile number registered on the Gcash account on your ShopBack account as your bank account by updating your information.

How do I withdraw my ShopBack earnings?

Follow the steps below to successfully withdraw your ShopBack earnings.

  1. When requesting for withdrawal, make sure that you have a minimum of P200 “Available for Withdraw”.
  2. Head to or in the app, go to the Account tab > Withdraw Cashback.
  3. Choose the outlet of transfer, “Bank Transfer” for bank account and Gcash account, and “e-Wallet Transfer” for Paypal account.
  4. Enter bank account details.
  5. Type in the withdrawal amount.
  6. Wait for the One-Time-Password (OTP) sent on your mobile phone, and then enter the OTP.

As per Shopback, a requested withdrawal that was successfully processed will be prompt on the email link on your ShopBack account.

What does pending earnings mean on ShopBack?

According to ShopBack’s official help center, pending earnings are the total amount of Cashback that are still being processed from ShopBack’s partner stores and are not yet verified.

In short, Pending Earnings are Cashbacks waiting for confirmation and will soon become “Available Balance” once confirmed, and can be withdrawn after.

What does tracked mean in ShopBack?

Since ShopBack gives a Cashback to their shoppers after purchasing right through their platform, they also tracked the shopper’s transactions to make sure that the purchases are valid before granting Cashbacks.

To do this, ShopBack tracked information of the shopper’s order, and confirm with their partner store if the order was successfully delivered, and there are no cancellations or returns made.

ShopBack does this by providing tracking cookies on every purchase, to make it easier to confirm if the shopper can be granted a Cashback.

So whether you are an avid online shopper or you just want to get the best out of your hard-earned money, ShopBack is such a beneficial platform that gives back to their shoppers through Cashbacks.

Plus, getting rebates in the form of coupons or vouchers can help you purchase other goods for your next purchase, or save up some cash by withdrawing your lifetime earnings in ShopBack.

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