How to Transfer Money From UnionBank to GCash

Some merchants, especially small businesses, may not accept credit or debit cards as forms of payment since they do not have the infrastructure or systems in place. Most of them do, however, accept GCash now since it is more accessible to Filipinos compared to bank accounts. If you have an account with UnionBank but need … Read more

How to Link GCash to UnionBank (Easy Guide)

Having a GCash account makes all your financial transactions simpler and faster. Using GCash is also a much safer option since it allows for contactless payments. It’s easier to fund your GCash wallet and cash in if you have a linked bank account or linked PayPal account. This is good news for UnionBank account holders … Read more

Where to Pay UnionBank Credit Card (4 Ways)

Unionbank has two main credit card offerings, which are the PlayEveryday card that earns points for retail purchases, and the Miles Platinum card that earns points redeemable for travel and airline miles. They are both popular credit cards because of the perks that come with them. If you are a Unionbank credit card holder and … Read more

How to Transfer From Landbank to GCash (2 Ways)

Landbank is a widely used bank by government employees especially. It is also the bank of choice of many Filipinos who are living in the provinces and may not have access to other popular consumer banks. At the same time, GCash is also one of the most popular apps and e-wallets in the country right … Read more

Who is the Founder of Shopee? (Surprising Facts)

Shopee has become one of the most prominent companies and apps across Southeast Asia, especially here in the Philippines. Everywhere you go, whether it’s online or in-person, you’ll see and hear Shopee ads and jingles. Many consumers opt to buy on Shopee these days instead of in-store because of its convenience and the low prices … Read more

How to Sell in Shopee: Beginner’s Guide

Online selling has become a very popular side hustle and the business of choice for many Filipino entrepreneurs. Many sellers opt to use Shopee since the platform really caters to small and beginner sellers. If you want to become an online seller and use Shopee to sell your products, this article will teach you all … Read more

How to Rate in Shopee (Products & Sellers)

With thousands of products and shops to choose from, navigating the Shopee marketplace can be a bit overwhelming at times. It’s not as easy to shop when you can’t physically see the item and feel it using your hands. Online shopping platforms and websites like Shopee have product ratings and reviews exactly for this reason. … Read more

How to Check the Shipping Fee in Shopee

Ordering online is so convenient especially for busy people who don’t have the time to go to a physical store to shop. Convenience comes at a price, though, and we have to pay shipping fees for couriers to deliver our orders to our doorsteps. This article will teach you how to check the shipping fee … Read more

How to Change Courier in Shopee: Exact Steps

As the biggest ecommerce platform in the Philippines, Shopee has numerous partnerships with logistics companies in order to serve all their buyers and sellers. We all have had different experiences with these couriers, and some of us may have preferences for certain couriers. Luckily, Shopee lets their buyers choose the courier they want by giving … Read more

How to Cash Out Tala Loan to GCash

Online banking and finance has not only made fund transfers and digital payments easier, but taking out loans is also easier than ever. A ton of online lenders have emerged since the pandemic began and online banking and e-wallets were popularized. One of these online lenders is the Tala App. What is Tala Loan? Tala … Read more