How to Pay Bills Using ShopeePay: Complete Steps

How to pay bills using Shopeepay

Did you know that aside from regular shopping through the famous e-commerce platform Shopee, you can also pay your bills and get a cashback? You’ve read it right. As Shopee eagerly promotes cashless transaction among its target market, such as the Philippines, it now offers its users to pay using their ShopeePay feature. What’s even … Read more

Shopee Coins: Everything You Need to Know

Shopee coins

If you love purchasing products from Shopee, one of the most famous online shopping platforms, Shopee coins can be a great help for you! It can give you discounts on every item that you will purchase from the store. Here are the things you need to know about the coins in Shopee! Can I use … Read more

How to Load ShopeePay Philippines: Full Guide

How to load Shopee wallet Philippines

How to Load ShopeePay Philippines? As we venture on the New Normal, we also welcome new ways of doing our daily tasks. One of which is the way we purchase and sell our goods and services. The concept of shopping is already made convenient for everyone, as you can shop in the comforts of your … Read more

How to Delete Shopee Account: 5 Easy Steps

How to delete Shopee account

An online marketplace called Shopee has been prominent in the lives of many people in the past years. If you are one of them, you probably know why it is addicting to buy using their platform. However, if you wish to remove your account for personal reasons, here are the things you need to know … Read more

How to Track Shopee Order: Beginner’s Guide

How to track Shopee order

When your Shopee purchase is ready for shipping, package is sent to the courier/postal service, and assigned a unique tracking number.  To track Shopee packages, you need to find tracking number assigned to your order on the Shopee order page. Steps on How o Track Shopee Order Within the App Follow these steps to know … Read more