How to Deposit Money in BPI: 3 Ways

Do you want to know how to deposit money into a BPI bank account?

There are different ways to do it. We’re here to teach you all of the steps with images to guide you.

How to Deposit Money in a BPI Account

There are three primary ways to deposit money into a BPI bank account. Two require you to physically go to a BPI branch, and one is online. Here are the steps for each:

1. BPI Branch (Over the counter)

BPI tellers

You can deposit to any BPI bank account by personally going to any BPI branch nationwide. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Go to any BPI branch nationwide

Step 2: Ask for a deposit slip and fill it with the required info like the account number, name, amount, etc.

Step 3: Get a queue number from the machine or wait in line

Step 4: Provide your deposit slip and money to the teller

Step 5: Get your deposit receipt

2. BPI Cash Accept Machine

BPI Cash Accept Machine

There are two ways to deposit via BPI CAM: via a debit card and cardless deposit.

Via Debit Card

Step 1: Insert your BPI debit card into the machine

Step 2: Type your PIN

Step 3: Select Deposit Cash

Step 4: Select Account

Step 5: Place your bills in the opening bin in the machine

Step 6: Confirm your transaction

Step 7: Get the deposit receipt

Via Cardless Deposit

Step 1: Press Enter on the machine

Step 2: Select Deposit Cash

Step 3: Select which bank you’d like to deposit to

Step 4: Enter the account number of the bank account you’d like to deposit money to

Step 5: Place your bills in the machine

Step 6: Confirm your transaction

Step 7: Get your deposit receipt

Note: For a smooth transaction, avoid depositing bills that are crumpled, folded, stapled, and mutilated. Also, the machine can only accept 99 pieces of bills at a time.

3. Online Apps

BPI mobile app

You can also deposit to a BPI account online using the BPI Mobile app or digital wallets/banks like GCash, PayMaya, CIMB, Komo, Diskartech, UnionBank, etc. Since there are different steps required for various apps, we can’t list them all here.

The important thing is to know the account number and account name of the BPI account you’ll deposit money.  

How to Check Your BPI Account Balance

There are three primary ways to check your BPI balance:

1. BPI branch
2. ATM
3. BPI Mobile App

The most convenient out of them all is the BPI Mobile app. You can open your bank account anytime and check your balance.

Your account is updated in real-time in the app. You can also send money to other bank accounts, e-wallets, or pay bills.


Is there a limit when you deposit in a BPI account?

There’s no limit when you deposit money in a BPI branch. There’s also no deposit limit via the machine, but it can only take 99 pieces of bills per batch.

But when you deposit/transfer money online to a BPI account, there might be a limit. For instance, you can only transfer up to P100,000 per day for fully verified GCash users.

Are there fees when you deposit in a BPI account?

There are no fees involved when you deposit through the BPI branch or cash machine. But when you deposit online outside the BPI app, there might be fees involved. For instance, bank transfers from GCash to BPI are P15.

How to deposit BPI to another account?

You can deposit from your BPI mobile app to another bank account by following these steps:

Step 1: Open your BPI mobile app and select Transfer Money

Step 2: Choose Transfer to 3rd Party and enter the details

Step 3: Confirm the details

Step 4: Authorize the transaction using your Mobile Key

Step 5: That’s it, you should see a message which indicates a successful transfer

Final Thoughts

Depositing money into a BPI bank account has been easier than ever especially with apps. Now, you can easily deposit money into your account for any purposes.

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