What is Postal Code in Shopee: Complete Guide 

What is postal code in Shopee and why is it needed?

You may have come across this when trying to order. Don’t worry as we’ve got your back.

We’ll explain what it is, how to find yours and how to add it to your Shopee account in this guide.

What is the Postal Code in Shopee? 

Postal codes are a unique combination of letters and numbers used primarily for sorting mail. They’re used to quickly identify places so that there are no errors when mailing. 

We can see postal codes in many addresses usually included at the end. In the Philippines, postal codes consist of a combination of four digits.  

Postal codes are assigned to each city or a barangay such as in the case of Metro Manila. For the provinces outside of Manila, each town or city is assigned a unique postal code. 

Postal codes are required when ordering from Shopee. It just makes things easier for sorting and delivery purposes.  

Example of Postal Codes

Postal codes are a combination of unique four-digit numbers assigned to each town or city in the Philippines. 

Here are some examples of postal codes which we’ll take from Cavite: 

Town/City Postal Code 
Bailen 4133 
Alfonso 4123 
Amadeo 4119 
Bacoor 4102 

Once you see all the postal codes of all the towns and cities in the Philippines, you’ll noticed that they’re arranged. 

What this means is that a province has an assigned starting postal code number. For instance, Cebu starts with 6 while Cotabato starts with 9.  

This is because the postal codes were assigned logically based on regions and for easy mailing purposes. One look at a postal code and the logistics office will immediately know where to sort the parcel.  

How to Find Your Postal Code? 

Now that you know what postal codes are, you might be wondering what your city or town’s code is.  

The simplest way is to search in Google your town/city + postal code/zip code. You should see the code immediately without even going into a page.  

If not, there are many websites that list all the postal codes of each town or city in the Philippines. You can copy or memorize it easily since they’re just four digits.  

How to Add/Edit Your Postal Code in Shopee? 

Before you can order in Shopee, you’ll need to input your address. One of the requirements is the postal code. Here’s how you can add/edit your postal code: 

Step 1: Open your Shopee app and go to the Me tab 

Step 2: Scroll down and select Account Settings 

Step 3: Tap My Addresses 

Step 4: Select Add New Address 

Step 5: In the Postal Code section, input your town/city’s unique postal code

Step 6: Once you’ve completely filled the required info, tap Submit 

If you want to know where you can find your postal code for your city/town, you can refer to the section above.  


Can I order in Shopee without a postal code? 

No, you can’t order in Shopee without a postal code. It’s one of the requirements when you add your address in Shopee. If you want to know your postal code, refer to the guide above.

Are postal code and zip code the same? 

Yes, they’re basically the same. In some countries they’re called zip codes or postal codes but they’re the same in that they refer to a unique combination of digits and letters to identify a place.  

How many addresses can you have in Shopee 

You can add a maximum of 10 addresses in Shopee. You can mark them as either work or home. But, you can add any address regardless of whether it’s your workplace or home.  

You can even add the address of a close friend or a relative provided that you let them know beforehand.  

Can I order in Shopee outside of the Philippines? 

Yes, you can order but the shipping address should be in the Philippines. Currently, Shopee doesn’t cater to international orders aside from the country it operates.  

Today, Shopee is available in countries such as: 

  • Philippines 
  • Singapore 
  • Malaysia 
  • Vietnam 
  • Indonesia 
  • Thailand 
  • Taiwan 

Final Thoughts 

Postal codes or zip codes are a unique identifier or a town or city in the Philippines.

They’re required when you order in Shopee and they’re easy to know and memorize with this guide.  

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