How to Change Number in GCash Account: Full Guide

For frequent GCash users, the app is a very valuable tool for making financial transactions.

The main thing that keeps your account secure is your sim card, connected to your mobile number.

If you want to know how to change number in GCash due to any reason, read more on the details below.

How to change number in GCash?

Unfortunately, you can’t change your number in GCash. GCash allows you to have five accounts per person. But this doesn’t mean that you can connect all those numbers to a single account.

Technically, you can only have 5 separate accounts with each one connected to one mobile number. You also cannot assign your current GCash account to another mobile number.

Reasons why you would want to change number in GCash

It’s more likely than not that you personally know at least one person who lost their phone before.

It could be that or you accidentally broke your sim card, or it’s an old version with no LTE.

Whether it’s due to clumsiness or some bad habits, there’s nothing much to worry about just in case the same thing happens to you.

All you need to do is to request the immediate blocking of your mobile number and begin the process of regaining access.

Check out the two solutions below on how to solve your problem of having to change your sim card connected to GCash.

How to request for sim card replacement

Sim card

This first option is to ask your sim carrier for another sim card with the same number:

Step 1: First of all, notify GCash through the 2882 hotline to prevent unauthorized transactions and note down the reference number.

Step 2: Go to the nearest notary public and get an affidavit of loss.

Step 3: Go to the store of your carrier, such as in malls.

Step 4: Present your affidavit of loss, valid IDs, and if possible, any proof of ownership.

Step 5: Just wait for the new sim card and call 2882 again to lift your GCash account’s suspension.

How to create another verified GCash account

If you don’t have use for your old number anyway, you can create another GCash account using your same name but with a different number:

Step 1: Buy a new sim card.

Step 2: Register to GCash with your new mobile number.

Step 3: If your previous number is unverified and it has some money in it, prepare an affidavit of loss.

Step 4: Request GCash to transfer the funds to your new number if there are any, and wait for an update within 2 days.

Step 5: After a successful request, verify your identity in the GCash app by using your valid ID after another 2 days.

How to change number in GCash but with the same account?

To change your number in GCash with the same account, you can submit a ticket in or at the app. You’ll need to include the new number that you want to link to your GCash account. You may also be asked for other documents during this process.

Is there a replacement fee for my sim card?

Most Globe and Smart stores would replace your sim for free, but if it’s not, the most that you should pay is just the cost of a new sim card.

The fee could also be just to cover the load needed to activate your sim but you can do it yourself.

Can I get my phone back after being stolen?

Sadly, you would not be able to get your phone back in most situations even if it is a postpaid phone.

However, you can inform NTC at 0919.299.9999 to block your mobile handset from being used for text and calls, no matter what reset is done.

What is GCash?

What is GCash

GCash is a mobile wallet that you can easily download and use on your mobile device to pay bills, shop, and send and receive money wherever you may be.

GCash has enabled financial transactions for its 33 million registered users so far.

It has transformed the way Filipinos transact, with over 73,000 partner merchants around the country.

It is not just a mobile wallet but also an all-in service package that assists us Filipinos in improving our lives.

How’s your experience with GCash?

You are getting reservations about your GCash experience, leading you to inquire about how to change your GCash number.

If that’s the case, find some reasons to change your name in GCash in the following sections.

Can I still use the GCash app even if the sim card is not on my phone?

Yes, you can still use the GCash app on your mobile device, provided that it is linked to that device and the 90-day mandatory relinking is not yet expired.

It is limited to some transactions only since you would not be able to get the OTP on your phone.

Some allowed transactions even without OTP are scan QR, GCredit, and Pay Bills.

Essentially, the GCash app is still functional even if the sim of the corresponding mobile number is not on the same device.

It is practically useful as a security measure, such as when you are going to high-risk marketplaces with pickpockets or when your phone is not dual-sim capable.

Will my GCash account be deactivated if I do not use it?

According to the updated User Agreements of GCash, your account will be considered dormant if you haven’t used it for financial transactions for six months.

If you have no remaining balance, your account will automatically be closed.

So if you do not frequently use one of your GCash accounts, you should leave at least P1 there to avoid being automatically closed.

Can I get a 5G sim instead of LTE during sim replacement?

Yes, you could get a 5G sim during the free replacement at the Globe store, although it is not necessary.

According to Globe, your existing 4G LTE is future-proofed, so it will seamlessly work with the more advanced 5G network.

Depending on the availability, you could be getting a free 4G LTE or 5G sim card.

But wait, there’s more.

Globe Telecom has announced that you can also get a free 10GB data allowance upon upgrading your sim card.

You need to fill out the form at before going to the Globe Store to have a valid appointment.

You will likely not be accommodated on the Globe Store premises if you fail to register online.

It is a measure to ensure the convenience of all customers to avoid waiting in a very long line, given that Globe Stores only have a limited capacity at any given time.


Losing your phone or sim card can just be a minor inconvenience if you are prepared for such a scenario.

Share this article with others and make sure to keep your mobile handset and sim card details ready.

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