How to Redeem Lazada Bonus: Get Big Discounts!

Lazada helps sellers boost their sales by providing discounts to buyers through the Lazada Bonus program.

Lazada and the seller split the promotional discounts and this usually leads to increased sales.

If you want to know how to redeem Lazada Bonus, read more on the details below.

What is the Lazada Bonus?

Lazada Bonus

Lazada bonus is an optional promotion tool for sellers wherein Lazada matches your discount promotion for buyers.

It works during campaign periods, and the buyer needs to meet the minimum spend of eligible items in order to get the discount.

Moreover, it is only available once a year during the 9.9 Sale of Lazada but is known to increase sales.

How to get Lazada Bonus?

If you are a buyer, you can accumulate Lazada Bonus points by collecting them as they appear daily on the Lazada app.

For sellers, you only need to enroll in the program under the Promotions section of your seller account.

How to redeem Lazada Bonus (Steps)

These are the steps on how to redeem Lazada Bonus:

Step 1: Open the Lazada app on your mobile phone.

Step 2: Look for all the items you want during the promotion period and add them to your cart.

How to redeem Lazada Bonus 1

Step 3: Open your shopping cart and prioritize buying those with the Lazada Bonus icon.

Step 4: Look for more participating items in order to maximize your discount.

Step 5: Check out the items and place your order.

How to redeem Lazada Bonus 2

Is Lazada Bonus a discount or a cashback?

The Lazada Bonus provides purchase savings, and it is an outright discount for the buyer, rather than a cashback. Take note that only items that the seller enrolled in the Lazada Bonus program will have discounts.

Is there a section for Lazada Bonus?

Yes, you can see the status of your Lazada Bonus by going to the Vouchers section under Account.

From there, go to the Lazada Bonus tab where you can see the amount you have, but you can also collect more.

When you search for items, you can also filter out the results to include only those under the Lazada Bonus promotion.

What are the seller and product criteria for Lazada Bonus?

This may change from time to time but you can view the terms and conditions under Promotions on your seller page.

After agreeing, you can see the specific seller and product requirements to know which of your products can be included in the promotions.

You can even include all of the items in your store, unless you only want one or a few.

If I cancel my order, will I get my Lazada Bonus points back?

Yes, you can get the points that you used in order to avail of the Lazada Bonus discount but you can only spend it during the sales campaign period.

Where can I use my Lazada Bonus?

Since you already know how to redeem Lazada Bonus, do you know where you can use it?

You can enjoy the Lazada Bonus anytime, anywhere, as long as the items have Lazada Bonus Badge and you have reached the minimum amount required in your cart for the Bonus to apply.

If you shop more through Lazada than other shops, the more you will save.

You can use it in combination with other vouchers, including free shipping, unli stores, one discount voucher, or 1 Lazada voucher.

This is your sign, so stack more and save more!

What happens if the Lazada Bonus item that I’m going to purchase is below P500 or P1000?

If that’s the case, you can use the Lazada Bonus Badge to add more things to your cart until you achieve the P500 or P1,000 required minimum spend to enjoy the discount.

That is already a significant saving for you, let alone the decreased price of the item or goods during promotions.

How many times can I collect Lazada Bonus?

It is best to collect Lazada Bonus for each day of every promotion period.

You can collect more Lazada Bonus during promotions throughout the year, coinciding with repetitive dates such as 5.5 and 9.9.

The Lazada promotion dates vary per country of Lazada’s operation, but who knows when could be a shopping day every day.

Please note that shopping apps are always competing, so it’s possible to have Lazada Bonus every month of the year.

To get the most Lazada Bonus discounts, check out for the Lazada Bonus collection points and keep visiting the app, browse, and add to cart items as much as you can!

Where can I check my available balance?

Every shopper’s the right to enjoy every possible discount or free shipping voucher.

We hope you’re satisfied with the idea of savings, but have you checked how much you saved?

Check your remaining balance on the Lazada Bonus page to see how much you can save during the campaign.

How much discount can I apply during the campaign period?

Your discounts depend on the balance of your Lazada Bonus from what you have collected and how much your total items are.

For example, if you shop at least P500 of Lazada Bonus items, get to save P50.

If you shop at least P1,000 pesos of Lazada Bonus items, you get to save P100.

Do you get the pattern just right?

Let’s go, collect more Lazada Bonus, and shop for more items.

More vouchers are shown in the Lazada app. Can I stack my Lazada Bonus with other vouchers?

Of course, you can stack all the vouchers you want!

Remember to stack the promotions during the campaign period and save more with Lazada Bonus.

Also, it is best to plan your purchases and stack them up during Lazada campaigns.


Lazada Bonus works well for the seller, the buyer, and ultimately, Lazada.

Strategically select your items for the Lazada Bonus promotion so you can quickly gain sales and even earn more by volume, as buyers also enjoy more purchases.

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