How to Search Stores in Lazada: Complete Guide

Not only the brand, but store fronts are also important to consumers whether it’s online or in-person.

You can ask around where a store is located, and you can also search the right place online.

If you want to know how to search stores in Lazada, continue reading this article.

How to Search Stores in Lazada (Steps)

Follow these steps on how to search stores in Lazada:

Step 1: Open the Lazada app or website.

Step 2: Type the store name in the search box if you have one in mind.

Step 3: Look for the store banner in the results page.

Step 4: If you did not find what you are looking for, tap your preferred product.

Step 5: Scroll down past the reviews and look for the store banner.

You can now see the store name, click follow, or look for more items in the same store.

How do I search for a seller on Lazada?

In Lazada, the seller is the same as the store name being displayed alongside the product.

To search for a seller, you just need to follow the same steps above in searching for a store, but it needs to be in the exact spelling.

Where to find Seller ID in Lazada

You can see you seller ID after you go to Account, then Profile in your Lazada seller account.

Anyone can also check the seller ID in the waybill of the order with the label “Sold by.”

How to search account in Lazada

Unfortunately, you cannot search for buyer usernames in Lazada as it is not built to be a social networking site unlike Facebook or Twitter.

However, you can search for seller or store accounts directly from the search bar.

When did Lazada start in the Philippines?

Lazada started in the Philippines in 2012 under the leadership of Inanc Balci.

Five other Southeast Asian countries, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand also joined the party.

Who owns Lazada Philippines?

Lazada Philippines is part of the Lazada Group, with the majority of ownership held by Alibaba Group Holding Limited.

The expertise of Jack Ma, Alibaba’s founder, contributed to Lazada’s operations strategy and optimization, having unique selling propositions such as Express Delivery, Q&A section, and efficient logistics.

How many sellers are on Lazada?

Lazada Philippines has reached more than 120,000 active sellers in September 2021.

When considering all of Lazada, there are over 900,000 sellers largely in part to Chinese sellers, the majority of whom are also available in Taobao, Lazada’s sister app.

That is also a huge jump from just 400,000 sellers in November 2020.

The number of sellers are also growing through various onboarding efforts and partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry to promote export-quality Filipino products.


Knowing which store to buy from in Lazada is very much like going back to the same retailer in malls or shopping establishments.

You can find the seller store that works best for you and avail of discounts by being a loyal customer.

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