How to Transfer Money from GCash to BPI

Do you want to transfer your money from GCash to BPI?

It’s quite easy to do as we’ve done it a thousand times. We’ll teach you everything you need to know here.

How to Transfer Money from GCash to BPI

To transfer money from GCash to BPI, you only need to follow the steps:

Step 1: Open your GCash app and go to Transfer

Step 2: Select BPI

Step 3: Enter the amount, account name, account number and email and tap Send Money

Step 4: Confirm the details and proceed

Step 5: The transfer is complete

Now that you’ve learned how to transfer from GCash to BPI, what about vice versa? Here’s how to transfer from BPI to GCash.

How Much is the GCash to BPI Transfer Fee?

All bank transfers in GCash are P15 per transaction including BPI. You’ll pay this amount on top of your transfer.

So, you should have sufficient balance when you want to transfer money from GCash to banks or other mediums.

Previously, bank transfers were free but like all things, it changed. But cashing in from BPI to GCash is free when you link your BPI bank account.

How long does it take to Transfer GCash to BPI?

Bank transfers in GCash are processed in real-time. The recipient should receive the money in their account within seconds or minutes.

In our years of transferring money from BPI to GCash and vice versa, we never had to wait more than a minute for the money to arrive.

Assuming that the transaction did go through, you shouldn’t encounter any issues with bank transfers.

GCash to BPI transfer limit

The transfer limit depends on your GCash verification level.

You can’t do bank transfers if you’re an unverified GCash user. Fully verified and GCash Plus accounts has a P100,000 daily outgoing limit. While GCash Jr has P10,000 daily transfer limit and P500,000 for Platinum users.

You can check your current limit by opening your GCash app > Profile > Profile Limits.


Do I need to link BPI to GCash to transfer?

No, you don’t need to link your BPI to GCash to transfer money. But when you link your BPI to GCash, you can cash in for free.

How do I know if my GCash transfer is successful?

You’ll be able to know if your GCash transfer is successful if you see it in the Transactions tab in GCash. You can also check the recipient’s balance if you can.

What to do when you encounter an issue transferring GCash to BPI?

Transferring GCash to BPI is real-time so you should receive the money instantly. But if there’s a delay or an issue regarding this, you can submit a ticket.

To prevent any issues in your transfers, ensure the following:

  • Make sure your internet connection is stable
  • Confirm all the details of the transfer such as account name, amount and so on
  • Make sure that you’re still within the daily transfer limit
  • Don’t interrupt the process when transferring money

Final Thoughts

Transferring money from your GCash to a BPI account is hassle-free, real-time, and easy to do. We do it all the time due to the convenience it brings.  

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