How to Link BPI Account to GCash: Complete Guide

GCash allows you to link your bank accounts not only for convenience but also for upgraded wallet size.

You get to save transfer fees from BPI and get five times the wallet limit.

If you want to link a BPI account to GCash, continue reading this article.

Why do I need to link BPI to GCash?

Linking your BPI account to the GCash app upgrades your status from Fully Verified to an even better account.

From just the P100,000 wallet size, you can now have up to P500,000.

This is very useful for business owners or companies who collect and process those payments for other purposes.

Above all, you do not have to pay the transfer fee. That adds up if you deal with many transactions.

How to link BPI account to GCash

Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to link BPI account to GCash:

Step 1: Go to the GCash app on your mobile phone.

Step 2: Click Profile and go to My Linked Accounts.

Step 3: Select the BPI logo from the options.

Step 4: Provide the username and password of your BPI account, then click Accept.

Step 5: Check the mobile number and request the OTP if your account is not automatically linked.

You should see the confirmation screen of successful linking, and you can check under My Linked Accounts if the BPI logo is now in color.

How to transfer from BPI to GCash

This is the process of transferring funds from your BPI account to GCash:

Step 1: From the home page of your GCash app, tap Cash In.

Step 2: Look under the My Linked Accounts and click on the BPI logo.

Step 3: Type the cash-in amount and the corresponding BPI account.

Step 4: Click Confirm, check if your phone number is correct before requesting an OTP.

Step 5: Input the OTP and tap the Submit button.

The successful cash-in message should appear on your screen, and you will also receive an SMS notification from GCash and an email from BPI regarding your transaction.

Why can’t I link my BPI to GCash?

If you cannot link your BPI account to GCash, there could be a system problem on the side of BPI.

It would help if you did not attempt to link it more than two times since your account can get locked three times after not logging in during the linking process.

GCash recommends that you reset your BPI account password and log in to the BPI Mobile or BPI Online app after 24 hours before trying the linking process again.

If you still cannot link your BPI account to GCash, you should submit a request to GCash Help Center.

BPI to GCash transfer limit

While you can process large amounts in single transactions in BPI, there is an incoming limit for your GCash account when you do fund transfers from BPI to GCash.

Realistically, there is a daily limit of P50,000 or just P15,000 for new GCash users.

The total amount in your GCash wallet cannot exceed P500,000 at any given time, so the amount sent plus the current balance must not exceed the amount.

Furthermore, you can only cash in a cumulative total of P500,000 per month regardless of the fund source.


Linking your BPI account to your GCash account gives even more convenience in managing your finances.

You should link your BPI account for faster and free cash-ins.

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