How to Get Free PayMaya Vouchers: 3 Ways

Want to get free PayMaya vouchers?

You’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll teach you the ways how to get them as well as claim them.

How to Get Free PayMaya Vouchers

PayMaya regularly hosts a lot of promos to give incentives to users. Most of the incentives are given through vouchers in the app.

There are various ways you can earn free vouchers in PayMaya. Here are three of them.

Seasonal Promos

PayMaya had a promo where you get back 5% of the load you purchased in the app. It ran for a month and was available for all users regardless of their network.

There may be more promos like this in the future, so you should keep your app updated.


Aside from temporary promos, there are missions in the PayMaya app. You can complete them so you can receive a lot of rewards. Currently, there’s a free Bitcoin promo.

There are also others like:

  • P100 cashback on the first PLDT Home bills payment
  • SM E-Sukli Multiplier Promo
  • New User Rewards for P60
  • Free Maya Card for new users
  • And more

Once you complete a mission, you may be given the reward through a voucher, or it will be credited directly to your balance.

Refer a Friend

There are a ton of rewards you can also get by just inviting your friends to PayMaya. For every successful invite, you get P100, and your friend can earn P60.

Speaking of which, here’s our invite code: (Q53X7LWEO3NZ)

We can earn the referral reward if you use the invite code and successfully create an account, upgrade it, and do any transaction in the app. Thank you for doing so; it will help keep the website up.

How to Claim PayMaya Vouchers

If you have a PayMaya voucher, you should claim it now. There are expiration dates for vouchers, so here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Open your PayMaya app and tap the profile icon in the upper left

Step 2: Select Vouchers

Step 3: Tap on the voucher and claim it

Step 4: Your voucher amount should be reflected in your balance in real-time

You’ll know when you have successfully claimed your voucher when it’s in the Claimed tab. There’s also the Expired tab where you’ll see unclaimed vouchers that have become expired.

Regularly check your vouchers tab, as your vouchers can easily expire.

How to Solve PayMaya Voucher Claim Error

If you’ve followed all the steps correctly in claiming your voucher but encountered an error, here’s what you need to do.

First, take a screenshot of the error and report it to PayMaya customer service. Tell them exactly what the problem is and send the screenshot as evidence.

They should be able to resolve the problem for you.


Does PayMaya regularly have promos?

They have seasonal promos and missions, which are always updated. There are many ways to get free vouchers as you keep using the app.

Why are there expirations on vouchers?

PayMaya doesn’t explain anywhere why they have expiry dates on their vouchers. But the same is true with GCash vouchers. Our guess is they do this so users can notice them more.  

Can you give your voucher to another user?

No, you can’t give your voucher to another user. You can claim the voucher and send the money via their PayMaya account or bank transfer.

What happens to your expired vouchers?

You won’t be able to claim a voucher once it expires. But you’ll still be able to see the expired voucher in the app.


Getting free PayMaya vouchers is a sweet feeling. Now that you know multiple ways to get them, feel free to use the app!

Share the good news so you can also help your family and friends get free stuff.

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