How to Avail Free Shipping in Shopee: Save Money!

While many e-commerce sites offer free shipping, Shopee gained the reputation of being the most generous for free shipping promotions.

It somehow became a unique selling proposition that hooks customers looking for ways to save money on purchases.

If you want to know how to avail of free shipping in Shopee, continue reading this article.

What are free shipping vouchers in Shopee?

Shopee Free Shipping Vouchers give you a discount on the shipping fee of an item that you will purchase.

If the shipping fee is equal to or lower than the voucher amount, you get 100% free shipping.

On the other hand, if the shipping fee exceeds the voucher amount, you only get to pay for the excess.

An applicable Free Shipping Voucher automatically gets selected, but you can choose from the highlighted ones.

How to use Free Shipping Vouchers in Shopee (Steps)

There are many ways to use these vouchers, but here’s one way:

Step 1: Add items to your shopping cart.

Step 2: Click on the Shopee Voucher before or after clicking the Check Out button.

Step 3: Select from the highlighted options or click Show More Free Shipping Vouchers to choose from others.

Step 4: Click OK.

You can also select from the Discounts and Cashback vouchers in addition to the Shipping Vouchers.

The voucher with the lowest required minimum spending usually gets selected at first so make sure you check the other vouchers with a higher spend amount if you buy items with a higher price.

How do I get free shipping on Shopee?

You still wonder how to avail of free shipping in Shopee because there are just so many promotions in the app, on the website, and in advertisements.

As soon as a notification appears on the Shopee app, grab the opportunity to claim vouchers and click the Remind Me button on the others that cannot be reserved.

Shopee Loyalty members on higher tiers also have more free shipping vouchers, even those with a higher free shipping value labeled XTRA.

The free shipping vouchers can be used depending on the required minimum purchase and payment method.

Why can’t I avail free shipping on Shopee?

Veteran shoppers know how to check the Terms and Conditions of each Free Shipping Voucher before making their purchase.

Some vouchers are only limited to specific items or the payment method.

You can also do the trial-and-error of selecting three different shops from your cart (the usual maximum number allowed), then checking which voucher automatically applies.

Users report that for ShopeePay Free Shipping Vouchers, the money on your wallet must be equal to or more than the price of each item plus their respective original shipping fees.

Sometimes, it can also be frustrating to determine that the vouchers have already been fully claimed when you are just about to click Check Out, especially during promo periods.

Why am I still charged after using Free Shipping Voucher?

You may not notice at first that some items have a more significant shipping fee which exceeds the amount covered depending on location.

The Free Shipping Voucher does not apply to it will still incur fees even if you bought them with items eligible for free shipping.

International items will sometimes still have a small additional fee because it exceeds the shipping fee allocation.

Can I use two promo codes on Shopee?

You can only use 1 Free Shipping Voucher at a time, but you can combine it with a Store Voucher and a Coins Cashback Voucher.

The same applies to other vouchers, where you can only use one type of them at a time.


Using Free Shipping Vouchers on Shopee allows you to save more money on your purchases.

You should strategize the use of vouchers to maximize their benefits.