How Many Delivery Attempts does Shopee Make: Full Guide

Online shopping makes our lives easier, but sometimes it does not go with our plans.

There are many reasons why we may not be able to get our deliveries the first time around due to factors that are sometimes even out of our hands.

Check this article to know how many delivery attempts Shopee allows for its products.

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How many delivery attempts does Shopee do?

The answer is 2 (two) delivery attempts only. This is the number of delivery attempts where you or an authorized representative can receive the package at the address you specified.

Now you don’t have to wonder how many delivery attempts Shopee grants for its shoppers before the package is tagged as Return to Seller.

Why is Shopee delivery attempt unsuccessful?

There could be many reasons why a delivery attempt can be unsuccessful.

The top reasons include: the shop or office is closed after working hours, the time is already late especially during sale promos where the rider handles too much deliveries, and the address is not accessible.

Other reasons that might indicate bogus buyers include: address is incomplete or invalid, the package was rejected by the buyer, and buyer cannot be contacted.

Natural disasters, epidemics, states of war, riots, terrorism, and other random reasons can also delay the delivery of your package.

What happens if delivery failed in Shopee?

If the first delivery attempt of your online order failed, you will get a notification in the app that it will be attempted to be delivered for a second time.

The standard is after 2-3 days, but sometimes it gets delivered right away the following day.

You should be able to receive the package on the 2nd attempt, otherwise it will already be sent back to the seller.

How many times can I extend Shopee guarantee?

You can only extend Shopee Guarantee once but you are not obliged to click the Order Received button if you did not get the actual product.

If you are thinking how many delivery attempts Shopee permits for the Shopee Guarantee, the answer is none.

Shopee Guarantee only covers a time period from the order date, irrespective of the number of delivery attempts.

It guarantees only that your payment will be on hold before you receive a product that is complete and in good condition, but it cannot assure the exact delivery times.

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How can I reschedule my Shopee delivery?

Unfortunately, you cannot reschedule the delivery of your orders from Shopee because it is usually fixed from the time it gets shipped by the seller.

However, you can always communicate with the seller to just process another order since shipping the same package the 2nd time will take a longer time.

What is Return to Sender?

A package that is unsuccessfully delivered for two times will be tagged as Return to Sender.

It means that it will be sent back to the Seller, and you will be refunded your payment if your order is non-COD.

There is no trouble for the buyer, except that you will definitely need to order again, but the seller will still incur fees for the delivery.


Shopee implements the industry standard of 2 maximum delivery attempts as well as optional adjustments to allow you to receive your product at the expected time.

It is your responsibility as a consumer to receive your products once it is out for delivery.

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