What is Extend Shopee Guarantee: Ultimate Guide

Shopee aims to ensure that sellers process customers’ orders swiftly to arrive and be paid on time after checking for quality.

Shopee Guarantee is a two-way feature for both buyers and sellers to ensure that customer expectations are met when they shop for items.

If you want to know Extend Shopee Guarantee, read more on this article.

What is Extend Shopee Guarantee?

Extend Shopee Guarantee allows you to add three more days to the default Shopee Guarantee, based on the seller’s Days to Ship plus Estimated Delivery Time and Buyer Confirmation Time.

A buyer can only request a return or refund within the Shopee Guarantee period, shown right after placing an order in the Shopee app.

On the other hand, a seller is guaranteed full payment for their merchandise after the Shopee Guarantee period, as long as the item received by the buyer is complete or not damaged.

When can I extend my Shopee Guarantee?

The Extend Shopee Guarantee button is already available in your Order Details right after completing your checkout.

However, the best and most reasonable time to do this is two days after placing your order when the buyer still hasn’t shipped your order.

This provides ample time to check if the delivered items are complete and free from defects before the payment is automatically released to the seller.

How to extend Shopee Guarantee (Steps)

If you are not familiar yet as to how to extend Shopee Guarantee, follow these steps:

Step 1: Check out the products that you want to purchase.

Step 2: If the item is not pre-order, wait for two days.

Step 3: Go to the Me tab and open To Ship under My Purchases.

Step 4: Select the item to see Order Details.

Step 5: Click on the Extend Shopee Guarantee, then OK.

Take note that you can do this at any time by going directly to the Order Details page of your store order.

Is it free to extend Shopee Guarantee?

Yes, there is no additional fee for both the buyer and the seller if the Shopee Guarantee is extended.

It is common to online shopping apps to ensure that buying and selling are safe and easy.

How many days is Shopee Guarantee?

The formula for the number of days for Shopee Guarantee is the 2 Days to Ship, plus Estimated Delivery Time which is usually longer than reality, plus five days Buyer Confirmation Time.

For pre-order items, the additional days needed for preparation will be considered for the Days to Ship; otherwise, the seller will be penalized for late shipments.

What happens if I don’t extend Shopee Guarantee?

There is no problem if you don’t choose to extend this unless the product you receive has been damaged or missing some parts.

If such is the case, you will have fewer days to request a return or refund, which is due on the last day of the Shopee Guarantee.

The payment is being released to the seller by default at the end of the period or when you have already confirmed that the order is received.

A responsible buyer should always check the delivery progress of the orders and promptly go to the app to request a Return/Refund or choose Order Received since this also affects the delivery rider.

How to cancel Extend Shopee Guarantee

There is no way to cancel this, as it only turns into a faded icon after you click it.

You will also see a note saying “Shopee Guarantee Extended,” but you can still proceed to click Order Received right after.


Online shopping allows sellers to reach customers virtually, but the buyers can only see the product once delivered.

Shopee Guarantee serves the interests of both the seller and the buyer, ensuring safe and easy transactions.

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