LazRewards Membership: How to Join

What is the LazRewards Membership?

If you’re wondering what this is all about, you’ve come to the right place. This complete guide lets you know the requirements, how to join, the benefits, and answers to FAQs.

We won’t waste any more of your time so let’s dive in.

What is LazRewards Membership?

LazRewards Membership is a program in Lazada that provides rewards to users in vouchers, free shipping, premium support, and more. It’s free, but not all users can join the membership. Ultimately, Lazada decides who gets to join according to your purchase history.

This program is new, and it seems to respond to Shopee’s Loyalty Program, which offers practically the same benefits.

Although Lazada is a bit late to the party, it’s still a good feature, especially for shoppers who use Lazada more than Shopee.

Requirements to Join LazRewards Membership

The program is still in its Beta stage, which means that they’re still testing it out with a select number of users.

Lazada hasn’t shared the requirements yet on qualifying for LazRewards Membership, although they said a few things.

In our experience as well as based on our research, here are the basic things that you should have to qualify for it:

  • Extensive purchase history
  • Verified Lazada account
  • At least a year-old account

You should take note that these aren’t the definite requirements as Lazada only said that they select users based on their purchase history

How to Join the LazRewards Membership Program?

Only a select number of users can join the membership since this is still new. You’ll know that you’re qualified when you see the LazRewards Membership icon on your account page. Here’s how to join:

Step 1: Open your Lazada app

Step 2: Go to Account

Step 3: If you’re qualified, you should see the LazRewards Membership – tap it

LazRewards Membership 1

Step 4: Tap Join Now

LazRewards Membership 2

That’s it; you’re now in the LazRewards Membership program. You should see the benefits available to you.

LazRewards Membership Benefits

LazRewards Membership Benefits

Now that you’re in the membership program, you might wonder what benefits you can get out of it. It’s a free program that rewards users with the following:

Exclusive vouchers – Lazada will periodically give you vouchers that you can’t get elsewhere. These are usually discounts from 10% – 15% vouchers that you can collect and use on any Lazada product.

Birthday Gift – Lazada will ask you to enter your birthday so you can get a gift on that day. When we checked out what it was, it told us there would be a 15% discount on the birthday. It might not be the same for everybody, but we got more discounts!

Free Shipping – You’ll also get free shipping vouchers ranging from ₱50 to ₱120. But they seem to have a range of dates that you can only use them. So, it’s best to check when they’ll expire.

Premium Support – Lazada offers chat support to all users in the app. But when you’re a LazRewards member, you can enjoy premium support. This gives users priority access and faster response from their customer care team.

Since this program is still new, we don’t know yet how many times they will replenish the benefits or if they’ll add more.

We also don’t know if the perks are different for every user. But you can check your Lazada account now to see if it’s the same as the ones we mentioned.

LazRewards Membership vs. Shopee Loyalty Program

Lazada and Shopee have a membership program that rewards users with vouchers and other benefits. But you might wonder what the similarities and differences between these two are.

You don’t need to search for yourself because we’ve done the research, and here’s what we found out:

Features & BenefitsLazadaShopee
TiersNoClassic, Silver, Gold, Platinum
Birthday vouchersYesYes
Free shippingYesSilver, Gold & Platinum only
Free to joinYesYes
Premium supportYesNo
Brand Memberships, Partner Rewards & Giveaways  No  Yes

When we compare the two membership programs, Shopee offers more. That’s because their program is older, whereas LazRewards is still new.

We should expect to see more benefits from LazRewards in the coming months.


Can all users join in LazRewards Membership?

Technically, all users can join the program. But as of now, only a select few is being invited to join as this is still in beta. But we believe that even if it’s past the beta stage, there will still be requirements before you can join. The biggest one is your purchase history.

Is there an expiration to my membership?

As of now, we don’t see any expiration dates for this membership. You can expect to remain a member once you’ve been invited to join.

What happens when you don’t want to join the membership program?

Nothing. Lazada will not push you to join the program. But who doesn’t want free vouchers, access to premium support, and other benefits for free?

How to increase my chances of being invited to the program?

If you haven’t been invited, verify your Lazada account with your email and phone, update the app and shop more.


There are a lot of membership rewards programs today that companies offer. The SM Advantage program for SM malls, Shopee Loyalty Program from Shopee, and now LazRewards.

This is a free program that will give you a lot of perks, so be sure to join when you’re invited.

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