How to Delete Purchase History in Shopee: Full Guide

The Shopee app makes it convenient for us to order the same item again in the future if we find it suitable.

Some people may argue that too much personal information is being collected, and you may be one of them too.

If you want to know how to delete purchase history in Shopee, check out all of the details in this article.

Why are my purchase history being saved in Shopee?

Like any other business out there, Shopee saves transaction information not only because they need it for sales reports and service improvement but also because it could help you.

You can quickly check your purchase history, which can serve as your reference for repeat purchases or when you need to check a specific detail about a product you purchased before.

Some shoppers need random details on their purchases that they tend to check only once the item arrives rather than before buying.

It could be measurements, wattage, use instructions, brand, or the name of the seller or shop they purchased an item from.

Most of the time, the purchase history is there for the buyer’s benefit so they can check how much they spent and what they spent their money for.

How to check Shopee purchase history

If you want to see your Shopee purchase history even up to the very first item you bought, you can do so by following these steps:

Step 1: Open the Shopee app on your smartphone and click on the Me tab.

Step 2: On the My Purchases section, tap View Purchase History.

Step 3: Here, you’ll see all the things you bought from Shopee. You can also scroll down or use the search function.

You can search using the product’s name, seller, or order ID, and the relevant items will appear on the search results.

How to delete my purchase history in Shopee

If you wonder how to delete purchase history in the Shopee app, you are more likely confused because there is no button to delete any previously purchased item.

Unfortunately, you can’t delete your puchase history in Shopee directly.

There’s still a way to delete your purchase history and other information connected to your account.

Check the next section for the alternative way of deleting your Shopee information.

How to request for deletion of Shopee data

Shopee has stated in its terms and conditions that it will collect personal and usage data, but there is also a privacy policy for all consumers.

Here are the steps on how to request the deletion of your Shopee data:

Step 1: Open the email app on your phone or browser.

Step 2: Type as the recipient.

Step 3: On the subject, indicate that it is about Withdrawing Consent for Processing Personal Data.

Step 4: On the body of the message, indicate more details regarding your request.

Step 5: Once you have checked your message, click the Send button.

Note that Shopee may decide to close your account depending on your request to fulfill your deletion request.

If your problem is just inaccurate data, you can also request for correction of the said data.

How to request for correction of Shopee data

You can readily correct some data through the Account Settings page if you still have a Shopee account, but in case you do not have one or you have other concerns, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the email app on your smartphone or browser.

Step 2: Indicate as the recipient of the message.

Step 3: On the subject, indicate that it is about the Correction of Personal Data.

Step 4: Explain your request on the message, then click Send.

Step 5: Wait for Shopee’s reply, such as them requesting identity verification or an estimate of any applicable fees.

Take note that your request may be declined based on relevant laws if Shopee is entitled to refuse your request.

Can I request a copy of my Shopee data?

Yes, you can also request a copy of your user data in the systems of Shopee Philippines. Just like correcting your data, Shopee may also give you an estimate of reasonable fees.

You must pay the fee first. Otherwise, they cannot complete your data correction or data access request.

What is the other information being collected by Shopee?

Aside from your purchase history, Shopee may also collect the following data:

  • Account registration data
  • Name, email address, delivery address, gender, and others
  • Any data provided in forms
  • Documentation information
  • Telephone calls, letters, fax, meetings, chats, interaction with customer service agents
  • Device information
  • Linked social media accounts and information
  • Contest registrations
  • Any other submitted personal data
  • Location data
  • Marketing data
  • Other data listed in the Privacy Policy of Shopee Philippines

Why does Shopee collect information?

Shopee may collect and process your data for any or a combination of the following:

  • To process applications and transactions
  • To allow you to use the Shopee Services
  • To maintain account security
  • To protect the safety and right of you and others
  • To perform know-your-customer procedures
  • To evaluate your credit and risk profile
  • To assist customer service
  • To contact you
  • To allow other users to interact with you
  • To conduct analytics, surveys, and the like
  • To market and advertise
  • To comply with law agencies
  • To protect your data
  • Other purposes indicated in the Privacy Policy of Shopee Philippines

Where can I read the Privacy Policy of Shopee?

If you want to check the full details of the Shopee Philippines Privacy Policy, you can read the entire material here.

How can I contact Shopee regarding my data?

If you have any inquiries related to your data and the data privacy practices of Shopee, you can send an email to addressed to the Data Protection Officer.


Your Shopee account is personal, and so are all the data related to your accounts, such as identifying information, purchases, and other data.

If you want to delete any of your data, including your purchase history, send a message to the DPO of Shopee Philippines.

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