Where is SOC 3 in Shopee: Ultimate Guide

If you are a certified Shopeeholic, it’s almost impossible to haven’t encountered SOC 3 once.

It creates a buzz among many users, and if you still don’t know what SOC 3 is in Shopee, then make sure to read all the details below for more details.

What does SOC 3 in Shopee mean?

SOC 3 is short for Shopee Xpress Sorting Center 3, which you can see if you check the shipping progress of your packages before they arrive. It appears on the app with the label “Parcel has arrived at the station: SOC 3.”

Where is SOC 3 of Shopee located?

SOC 3 Shopee

The Sorting Center 3 of Shopee can be found on Google Maps as SOC3 SHOPEE EXPRESS, but no street view is near it. Based on publicly available information, it seems to be located inside the Laguna International Industrial Park at Biñan, Laguna.

Even the delivery drivers who have YouTube channels cannot film inside the premises of other sorting centers of Shopee.

What happens in SOC 3 of Shopee?

If you still don’t know the deal with SOC 3 of Shopee, you are probably not a loyal Shopee customer.

Many shoppers report that their packages are being stuck on SOC 3, so many get frustrated and consider buying another item, cancelling the order, and contacting the customer service to no avail.

Does my package need to go to SOC 3?

Sorting center

Packages need to go to sorting centers to be separated into batches for the most efficient delivery route. If SOC 3 is located between you and the seller, it’s more likely that your package will go there.

Shopee Sorting Center 3 at Biñan, Laguna is a facility of Shopee, so the only way to avoid it is to avail of other shipping options.

Can I choose the courier for my Shopee order?

Shopee has also updated its policy on product shipping, and there is now a Courier Allocation Process.

This means that you do not have complete control over who will deliver your packages.

Note that free shipping options on the Shopee app are usually processed through Shopee Xpress.

What’s most likely to happen is you can only choose between Shopee Xpress or other couriers with a higher shipping fee.

How can I view the current location of my Shopee package?

To know which courier handled your package and where it was last processed, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Shopee app on your mobile device or browser.

Step 2: Click on the Me tab.

Step 3: Under My Purchases, tap To Receive.

Step 4: Click the delivery icon below the product that you bought.

You can now view the most recent location of your package as it passes through sorting centers and stations.

Can I cancel my package if it gets stuck on SOC 3?

You could not cancel your package if it took too long to be processed at SOC 3.

You can buy other items, though; if you need them, you cannot get a refund at once.

The only way you can get your money back is to refuse to accept the package, resulting in it being tagged as Return to Seller.

That may be unfair to the seller and could get you banned from their shop.

What are the tips to avoid SOC 3?

To altogether avoid SOC 3 for your Shopee purchases, you can follow these guidelines:

  1. If you are in North and Central Luzon, avoid buying from South Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao stores.
  2. If you are from Visayas and Mindanao, avoid buying from sellers located in Luzon.
  3. Check for locally available products instead of those from international stores.
  4. Ask the seller if your package will go through SOC 3 before placing an order to be sure.
  5. Before placing an order, check all available shipping options first, with or without free shipping vouchers.
  6. Choose Standard Local or Economy Local as a shipping option because they utilize Shopee Supported Logistics.
  7. Avoid Standard Delivery as the shipping option because it is a.k.a. Shopee Xpress.

Note that using a free shipping voucher doesn’t automatically mean that an order will be processed through Shopee Xpress.

Only the seller can know who will be handling your package.

Sellers can request an additional courier from Shopee if they are eligible.

Who are the local Shopee Supported Logistics?

The following couriers are considered as Shopee Supported Logistics:

  1. Shopee Xpress or Standard Delivery
  2. Gogo Xpress
  3. Ninja Van
  4. J&T Express
  5. XDE
  6. Flash Express

As you can notice, Shopee Xpress is still a Shopee Supported Logistics which might be utilized if it is the best option to process your order.

In addition, Entrego and 2GO may be utilized if you have an order from overseas.


Shopee is much-loved by consumers, which may cause millions of orders during sales events.

If you need your package at the soonest time, opt for third-party courier services where you have had a good experience in the past.

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