How to Increase Credit Limit in BPI: Beginner’s Guide

BPI is one of the best credit cards for purchasing items from abroad and making payments that are just a little bit late.

Having a BPI credit card increases your credibility with other banks, so it’s good to use it as much as you can within the ideal credit utilization ratio.

If you want to know how to increase your credit limit in BPI to spend more, check out all the valuable tips.

How to Increase BPI Credit Card Limit?

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To increase your BPI credit card’s credit limit, you can request it either as a temporary or a permanent increase. Temporary credit limit increases require you to call BPI and tell them the purpose of the increase.

On the other hand, a permanent credit limit increase mainly depends on an increase in your income, for which proof will be requested from you as you request for a CL increase.

However, BPI can also automatically increase your credit without any additional requirements.

Check out the next section for tips on how to increase your chances of having a higher credit limit.

Why should I increase my credit limit in BPI?

Just because you have a certain amount of credit limit doesn’t mean you should spend the whole amount.

The ideal amount to spend or utilize is 30% of your credit limit, but this is just a guide rather than a rule.

When you spend more or have a higher credit utilization ratio, it might negatively impact your credit score slightly.

It is because the situation somehow puts you at more risk of not being able to pay your debt as you come closer to maxing out your credit limit.

Next, having a higher credit limit means you do not need to request a temporary credit limit increase if you are eyeing a specific purchase.

Also, if you have more than one credit card for a given bank, you can consolidate your credit limit for an even higher credit limit when you close the other card.

Lastly, you can use your credit card with a high credit limit as your reference card when applying for other credit cards from other banks.

21 Best Tips for Increasing Your Credit Limit

Here are some tips to increase your odds of having a higher credit limit for your BPI credit card:

  1. As soon as you receive your credit card, don’t activate it first until you have phoned BPI and requested a credit limit increase ONLY if you have an existing credit card with a higher limit.
  2. Maintain your credit card by spending at least 30% of your credit limit every month.
  3. Spend a little bit more than 30% but never more than 50% of your credit limit to justify that you need a higher credit limit to maintain the ideal credit utilization ratio.
  4. Never use the total limit of your credit card or “max it out.”
  5. Funnel all fixed expenses on your credit card, such as water and electricity bills, telecommunications bills, business expenses, etc.
  6. Offer to make payments for your close relatives or friends for a small fee instead of going to bill payment centers.
  7. Never miss a payment deadline, as this will negatively impact your future applications for CL increase.
  8. Pay your entire balance unless you have opted for monthly installments, like paying with a debit card.
  9. Have more sources of income which should reflect in your ITR.
  10. Request for a credit limit increase after six months of using your card even though it might get rejected, and explain why you need it.
  11. Request for a credit limit increase proportional to the increase in your income.
  12. Ask for a credit limit increase 12 months after your last CL increase or your card’s approval.
  13. Mention how often you got rejected for a credit limit increase before (before card activation and after six months).
  14. Increase and maintain your savings deposit even if you do not have a secured credit card.
  15. If you got offered a loan, accept it if you can productively use it and if you can pay it back on time.
  16. If you have other credit cards you do not use much, ask if you can get your credit limit increased after closing the other credit card.
  17. Be nice to the other person on the line and use sensible appeals to emotion.
  18. If you got denied a credit limit increase, apply for a supplementary credit card and request a CL increase.
  19. If you keep being denied a credit limit increase, be suspicious and request your credit report from the Philippines’ CIC or Credit Information Corporation.
  20. Frequently ask for temporary credit limit increases for important purchases so BPI can realize you need more on your credit line.
  21. As a last resort, consider closing your BPI credit card account if you can get a credit card with a higher credit limit from other banks so BPI may offer you better deals and the CL increase that you have always been requesting.

How soon can I get the higher credit limit upon approval?

Don’t use your card immediately once your credit limit increase request is approved.

Wait for one to two weeks before using your card, but you can also verify if the increase has already been applied to your account.

How to request for credit limit increase in BPI?

If you wonder how to request a credit limit increase, BPI made it easy for you: give them a call. You should contact the BPI Express Phone Hotline at 889-10000.

It is good to prepare requirements beforehand, such as payslips or recent ITR, to prove higher income.


Having a higher credit limit for your BPI credit card allows you to have higher purchasing power and more points.

Follow the tips and share them with your family and friends, too, so you can see the results for yourselves.

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