How to Track Order in Lazada: 3 Easy Ways

How to track order in Lazada

How do I track my Lazada order in the Philippines? When it comes to tracking orders in Lazada Philippines, there are several options available. You can pick one or try to use them all. There are some websites where you can just put your purchase’s tracking number and get the status instantly.  How do I … Read more

How to do Installment in Lazada: No Cash, No Problem!

How to do installment in Lazada

Online shopping became a big hit since last year, with so many packages being delivered all over the country. When you are bored at home, online shopping is an amusing way to pass time and discover interesting items. For some people, online shopping is even therapeutic and a stress reliever. Who doesn’t resist the urge … Read more

How to Return Item in Lazada: Beginner’s Guide

How to return item in Lazada

Lazada is by far one of the best online shopping platforms in the Philippines offering tons of goods from everyday needs to quirky finds. However, if you have been shopping with Lazada a couple of times, and encountered something unexpected like receiving the wrong item, don’t worry. Lazada offers their shoppers to return items they … Read more

How to Contact Lazada Customer Service: 3 Ways

How to contact Lazada customer service

At least one or two members in a household has a Lazada account as one can shop almost everything at the comfort of their home. Almost a decade since it has been founded, Lazada Group (Lazada) is now the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia. A regional flagship of the Alibaba Group, Lazada is currently … Read more

How to Load Lazada Wallet: Complete Steps

How to load lazada wallet

Are you an avid Lazada shopper and want to level up the convenience of your shopping experience? If yes, then we got you covered. In this article, I will share with you the step-by-step process on how to load Lazada Wallet. So keep reading to know how to load Lazada Wallet, and shop endlessly. How … Read more

How to Add Payment Option in Lazada: Full Steps

How to add payment option in Lazada

Lazada is a prominent online shopping website that will let you purchase anything you want at an affordable price. Thousands of people enjoy the services they offer, including the discounts and shopping methods. However, as a customer, it is also your concern to think about its mode of payment for your convenience. Here are the … Read more

How to Cancel Order in Lazada In 2 Minutes

How to cancel order in Lazada

Everyone has that excited feeling that hinders people from sleep when adding our favorite item to the cart in Lazada. However, there are some unexpected situations in life where cutting the budget is deemed necessary. Taking back what you added to your cart seems heart-breaking for some, especially if you have waited for it for … Read more

How to Delete Lazada Account: 4 Easy Steps

How to delete Lazada account

Are you searching for a way on how to delete a Lazada account due to constant email spamming? Or are you trying to update your account information such as your number or profile picture? If you do, then you are in the right place. In this article, you can learn how to delete a Lazada … Read more