How to do Installment in Lazada: No Cash, No Problem!

Online shopping became a big hit since last year, with so many packages being delivered all over the country.

When you are bored at home, online shopping is an amusing way to pass time and discover interesting items.

For some people, online shopping is even therapeutic and a stress reliever.

Who doesn’t resist the urge of checking out items in your car every pay day sale?

One of the more famous shopping applications in the country is Lazada.

Lazada has a wider market as it offers goods from all over Southeast Asia.

What is also good about Lazada is that it has partnered with financing institutions to allow installment payments for its goods.

Continue reading to learn how to do installment in Lazada.

How to pay installment in Lazada with credit card

The first method of how to do installment in Lazada is through a credit card.

As of now, only Banco De Oro (BDO) credit cards are accepted for Lazada installment.

If you don’t have a BDO credit card yet, you may want to consider applying for one so you can learn how to do installment in Lazada.

BDO offers a variety of credit cards ranging from basic, premium, and to elite depending on your spending needs.

Once you have a BDO credit card, you only need to select BDO installment as payment method when checking out your Lazada orders.

The only catch is there is a minimum total order of Php 3,000 for you to be able to use your BDO credit card.

Lazada installment without credit card

Do not lose hope as there is another method on how to avail installment in Lazada.

This time, there are more financing institutions to choose from for paying your orders.

The following applications allow you to do installment in Lazada:

  • BillEase
  • InvestEd
  • Paylater
  • TendoPay
  • Cashalo
  • Unapay
  • Plentina
  • Flexi Finance

All these applications are downloadable in android and iOS phones so they are readily available for those who do not have a BDO credit card.

Each applications offers different credit methods so you need to research a bit to understand the full process of installment.

There is also a minimum and maximum amount of money you can apply for each application and the payment period varies.

For example, you can choose BillEase to pay up to Php 30,000 for your Lazada orders or you can choose Cashalo to pay lower amounts up to Php 5,500.

Steps to pay in Installment

If you have selected your preferred installment method, all that is left to learn is the payment.

For BDO credit card, you only need to select and input your credit card information upon checkout in Lazada.

Your purchase will then be reflected in your monthly or annual BDO credit card bill for you to settle.

If you choose any of the financing applications offering installment, you will apply for credit from the application itself.

The loaned amount will then be transferred to your Lazada wallet which you will choose to pay for your purchase upon check out.

These are the steps on availing installment in Lazada for your hassle-free online shopping.

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