How to Order in Lazada Philippines: Beginner’s Guide

Lazada is the first e-commerce marketplace to arrive in the Philippines, which transformed how we shop for essential goods and even high-price items.

There are multiple ways to pay for your orders and get them delivered right to your doorstep.

If you want to know how to order in Lazada, read more below.

How to place an order in Lazada

This is one way to place your order on the Lazada website or app.

Step 1: Open the Lazada mobile app or go to

Step 2: Search for your desired item or window shop until you find a great deal.

Step 3: Tap on the item and check for the product description, as well as reviews.

Step 4: Once you are convinced that you are satisfied with the product, click Add to Cart.

Step 5: Continue shopping for more items from the same or other shops.

Step 6: If you are done selecting items, go to your Cart.

Step 7: Review your orders once more and toggle All or select the items you want to purchase first.

Step 8: Click Check Out.

Step 9: Check the delivery address and contact details.

Step 10: Select the payment method and the delivery option.

Step 11: Enter the voucher code, if any.

Step 12: Click Place Order.

You can check from time to time whether the items are still being prepared or the seller has already shipped them.


Does Lazada have cash on delivery?

Yes, Lazada offers Cash on Delivery for orders, and it was the default when it started way back in 2012.

This offers protection for consumers to ensure that they receive the item before paying.

The good thing is that it discourages bogus sellers that unexpecting scam customers versus other marketplaces.

You can use COD for not-so-expensive purchases up to a certain amount.

What is the limit for cash on delivery?

If you wonder how to order in Lazada and still pay COD, you can only buy up to 25,000 pesos worth of items from a single shop per transaction.

If you purchase many items from the shop, consider separating your orders.

Once the amount is more significant than 25,000 pesos, you need to pay in advance through available payment methods.

Don’t worry; your payment is still safe if you receive a defective, incomplete, or fake item.

How does Lazada delivery work?

Lazada PH prides itself on its optimized delivery network, being very competitive with delivery prices.

A unique offering in Lazada is the Express Delivery mode, which clearly shows optimized logistics.

The moment you order your item, the seller prepares it for shipping and may choose between pickup or dropoff, whichever is more convenient.

Lazada has its own logistics service provider, LEX PH, but it also partners with major brands such as LBC, Ninja Van, J&T Express, and Entrego, among other partners.

Sorting centers are strategically located to bring together items closer to the destination, and your item usually passes at least one of them.

Last-mile deliveries or those that reach you personally to deliver the package are done either by the major logistics service providers or independent contractors.

In a way, Lazada employs more people directly and indirectly while meeting and improving customer satisfaction.

How long does it take to get an order from Lazada?

The speed of your online order reaching you depends on the location of the seller, your address, and the shipping method that you selected.

The fastest can be about 12 hours or less, especially when you avail of Lazada Express deliveries.

Standard delivery times take between 2 days in the least, but not more than six days.

Even the seller can speed up delivery by fulfilling it themselves.

If you live in Makati, Taguig, Paranaque, Pasay, Las Pinas, Muntinlupa, Quezon City, Caloocan, Marikina, Mandaluyong, Pasig, or San Juan, you can get your order within 24 hours.

On the other hand, please prepare your patience for items originating from overseas.

Emergencies, calamities, and even bad weather may also disrupt the delivery process in consideration of the safety of the delivery riders.

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How do I know if I ordered from Lazada?

There might be funny instances wherein you have forgotten that you have an online order or made one if you also have other shopping apps.

You can easily verify this by opening the Lazada app and going to Account.

You can see if there are packages to Pay, To Ship, or Receive right away.

This is also useful when you accidentally leave your phone with your kids, and you need to be sure whether or not a playground or a giant toy is on its way to your home.

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How to order in Lazada using the phone?

Some deals are exclusive to mobile apps only, and it is easier to shop using the official Lazada app.

Make sure you have downloaded the latest updated version of the app for the best shopping experience.

You can search right away at the top bar or scroll through the app if you want to do window shopping for a while.

Once you find your desired item, click the Add to Cart or Buy Now button.

Proceed to Check Out and choose the payment option and delivery method you want.

If you cannot install the app due to low memory resources on your phone, you can still open the Lazada website using your phone browser.

How to order in Lazada with Free Shipping?

The best way to grab all the free shipping that you can is by being a proactive shopper.

You can use free shipping vouchers during promotion periods around holidays or even random days that shoppers now consider as free shipping days.

You can always choose items that offer free shipping when you meet a certain spend amount.

Just buy more from the same shop or ask a friend if they want to buy something, and you can combine your orders to get free shipping.

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Lazada offers almost all of the products you need, from day-to-day to luxurious items.

Buying all your essentials and wants from Lazada PH is convenient and will save you money and time.

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